Just moved to PA from another state, can I file for support?

Q. I have a sole legal custody of my child. The other parent has visitation rights. I moved to Moon Township Pennsylvania on September 15th with my child. I got a very good job and plan to live there and all my life. The other parent lives in other state, and has only visitation rights and sees the child every other weekend. Can I apply for child support as I have a custody but am not a Pennsylvania resident yet?

A: I question if you violated a custody rule or your custody order in the other state by moving here. Had you moved from PA, the other parent could have filed for a relocation hearing. Yes, you can get child support, but the jurisdiction may be in the other state if you have not resided in PA for six months, and therefore do not yet meet the residency requirements of PA. You can file yourself in Allegheny County and I feel you should be able to file for child support even without yet having residency.

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