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Q: What are the laws on harassment without intent?   Would it be possible to come out with no jail time and a fine?  I was recently issued a summons for harassment without intent. It was only texting. All I was trying to do was work things out with her. I did not threaten or call this person out of her name at all. Yet, the messages I received from her were slanderous. So I need to know what the laws on harassment without intent are. What are the punishments? So far I’ve had 2 PFA`s put on me in the span of 6 years from the same person both of which were dropped and vacated. So I don`t believe I have a prior record.  I`m hoping to get at least get a fine and counseling to avoid any possible jail time. We both repeatedly told each other to stop texting. But, we are both bullheaded and I believe we both were wrong. (West Mifflin, PA)

A: I never heard of harassment “without intent”. Intent is a key element of most crimes. Harassment can be charged as a misdemeanor or summary. If you are charged with a summary harassment, you will have a better chance of paying a fine and being ordered to complete counseling. You should consult with a lawyer immediately and have representation at the hearing. Protection from Abuse actions, even if an order was issued against you, do not count toward a prior record.

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