Must I give my landlord 30-day notice with no lease?

Q: Responding to a Craigslist ad, I verbally agreed to rent a room and split utilities with an existing lease holder for the remainder of their lease (6 months). Additionally, I paid a security deposit to the lease holder who in turn passed it to the landlord. No lease, or contract was signed. After 45 days the lease holder gave 30 days-notice that they were moving out. I asked the landlord for terms and/or a lease which I could consider. 10 days passed without any terms or lease provided. At this point I informed the landlord my intentions to move out. They are demanding 30 days-notice, which I reluctantly agreed to via an email while asking for the possibility of pro-rating the upcoming month’s rent. (5 days) The landlord became irate and demanded I adhere to at-will tenancy laws, which were not cited, and I have not been able to find/review myself. What are my options? (Pittsburgh, PA)

A: Generally, with no written will in place, a verbal lease agreement requires thirty (30) days-notice from bother parties.

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