My grandmother lives with me and I cannot take care of her anymore

Q: My grandmother lives with me I work a full-time job and no longer help to take care of her. She cannot make rational decisions and physically cannot take care of herself. She does own her own home. I have no POA. She will not let me help her with any of her finances. I take her to the bank and to pay her bills. She needs 24-hour professional care. I need help, how do I send her to a home if I don’t have any say so and cannot access her money. (West Homestead, PA)

A: I am sorry for your situation and understand the stress it can cause. You need professional help. I would contact her doctor to have her examined and assessed. Not only for her well being but for Also, see a lawyer about a guardianship-either plenary or of the person. If a guardianship is granted, the money to pay expenses comes from her estate and you won’t have to pay.

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