What do I need to do to prove my father incompetent?

Q: He has moderate to severe Alzheimer’s. I have durable POA.He is becoming more paranoid. He lives with me and my family and I currently care for him full time. He speaks more frequently about taking out all his 401k money so he can see it and use it on a moment’s notice, sell his house and move out of ours. He is not capable of cooking, taking his meds, or transporting himself very well (as he has severe arthritis in his knee and uses a power chair almost exclusively. He has no driver’s license and continues to insist he can drive and will not relinquish his car. He is only fully lucid about 10% of the time.

A: The General Durable Power of Attorney is an extremely effective and cost efficient document to assist another person with their affairs. However, when that person becomes out of control, resistant and puts themselves or their assets at risk, you may need to file for a guardianship. This will involve obtaining an opinion from his treating physician that your father is unable to manage his own affairs. You really need to sit down with an attorney that does guardianships and review all of the information.

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