Opening a Home Care Agency. What kind of lawyer do I search for?

Q: I’m opening a Home Care Agency. I was doing a lot of research and keep seeing that I should have a lawyer on “standby” my question is, what kind of lawyer do I need to oversee the operations and make sure everything is legit. Someone I can call if I have legal questions. What exactly does this lawyer do when your hired for something like this

A:  I wouldn’t be in a hurry. I would network, ask around for referrals and meet a few attorneys. Talk to some people in your field who have used attorneys. You will want to find an attorney who has business law skills as well as estate and elder law knowledge. The lawyer should have some experience in state regulations relating to nursing, nursing homes, home nursing care, Medicare, Medicaid, be versed in forming corporations or LLC’s, understand income tax laws, contracts, and ERISA and employment law. You can also call the Allegheny County Bar Association, Lawyer Referral Services, for a referral.

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