Will I have a criminal record?

Q; Will these records stay as criminal record and affect my school as well? I received a charge of Title 75 Section 3745 (A) (lead) Accidents Involving Damage to Unattended Vehicles or Property. It said I need to sign either not guilty or sign guilty with fine 397 dollars if I sign guilty. My question is that would I get suspended from PennDOT? Also, if I plead guilty would that be stay in my record forever and it would affect me with school in fall 2014? This is my first time getting this and I am freaking out as well. Also, I just started driving in this summer as well and yet I am 26 years old. Someone please help me with problem. I know I made a mistake but I am in panic since that day. I am worried that if it would be consider as serious crime.

A: A violation of the above section is a summary Motor Vehicle Code violation and does not carry a driver’s license suspension from PennDOT. This is because it involves unattended vehicles. If it involved an attended or occupied vehicle, under Section 3743, it would be classified as a misdemeanor and carry a license suspension. These statues are commonly known and referred to as leaving the scene of an accident. Your offense also carries 4 points. I would hire a lawyer and try to bargain it down. See if you can get it down to a something that sounds better, like careless driving ( 3 points) or obedience to traffic controls (no points).