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Can a 20 year-old man date online a 14 year old girl?

Q: Can a 20 year-old man date online to a 14 year-girl? No meeting yet, just lots of emails. Her mother thinks it is harmless, but I am not so sure. (Liberty Borough, PA)

A: Not good. Report this to the police. He is likely setting her up for a meeting. If his emails are sexual in nature and propose a meeting there are several applicable crimes related to on-line solicitation of a minor. If he takes a further step in meeting her and that meeting is under police surveillance, he is guilty of attempt and related crimes when he shows up at the meeting place. At that point, he is looking at Felony 1’s and lifetime Megan’s Law reporting. If the mother is condoning sexual overtures by this man, she can even be charged with Endangering the Welfare of a Child. This type of communication between adults and minors is very dangerous in today’s world.

What are the parent’s responsibilities for an 18-year-old?

Q: Our child will be 18 soon. She is still a senior in high school and wants to move out the day she turns 18. She works and says she can pay for rent, phone, etc. She than told us her guidance counselor said we had to sign for college loans and pay for medical bills until she’s 26. If She moves out isn’t she responsible? We cannot afford to pay for college. Why are we being taunted by school and her. She does not listen to house rules and her friends are not safe near our smaller children, she’s been in trouble with law breaking entry, drinking and her boyfriend is on probation and not allowed near small kids and keeps trying to bring him here for sex. Please help. It’s for the safety of my smaller children. We don’t have the money to pay for college or her medical. (Pittsburgh, PA)

A: Once she turns 18 she is an adult in PA and you have no financial responsibility for her. Under current PA law, you are not obligated to pay for college, or other post-secondary education. If you really want to cut her loose, you can, not that I am recommending it. The current law allows you to keep her on your health insurance until she is age 26 but does not require you to. If you want, once she is 18, you can put her stuff on the porch and change the locks.

How do I unenroll myself from school without parent’s consent?

Q: I have been trying to remove myself from a toxic household that is mentally and sometimes physically abusive for multiple years now. I’m turning 18 in a few days. Once I turn 18 I will be leaving to live in a safer environment. However, I will need to transfer schools. I have already spoken with my old school about re-enrolling and everything is in order. All that is left to do is un-enroll from my current school, but I’m not sure how I can do so without my parent’s signature/consent. Please help, my education and development depend on this. (McKees Rocks, PA)

A: Since you are age 18, you are an adult and do not need parental signatures. PA compulsory education ends at age 17. You can leave school on your own at age 17. If you have any further questions, call Kids Voice in Pittsburgh.


Can her mother and step dad search her bedroom?

Q: She is 17 years old. They go into her room when she is at school and go through everything just to see if they can find something. The step dad is the worse about doing it. She has no privacy whatsoever. Can she get a restraining order or PFA?

A: In PA, she is a child until she reaches the age of majority at age 18. Even if she is 18, and living in her parent’s home, she has no privacy rights unless she is paying rent pursuant to a lease, assuming she does not own the property. She would not qualify for a Protection from Abuse Order if there is no violence. She can petition the court to become emancipated, which sounds attractive to kids, but is normally unrealistic as she would need to prove that she can sustain herself independently of her parents (rent, food, health insurance, etc.) I think she needs to play by the rules at home. If she is not hiding drugs or having on-line contact with sexual predators, she should have no problem.