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Can my probation officer find out if I owe a debt collector?


Q: Recently I wrote a bad check and wanted to know if my probation officer could find that out if sent to a debt collector. (Pittsburgh, PA)

A: I doubt if your PO can discover a bad check and threatening letter from a debt collector. However, failure to make payment on a check after notification that it was written on a closed account or NSF balance, can result in criminal “bad check” charges being filed. I would do my best to enter a payment plan. Also, I would be more concerned if you are on probation for financial and/or similar crimes. It will look like you didn’t get it the first time. However, if you are on probation for something totally unrelated, and having financial difficulties, your PO may not come at you as hard. If you feel that you cannot settle this, you may want to get ahead of it and tell the PO.