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My brother cut his house arrest bracelet off, how much time will he get?

Q: My brother was arrested for attempting to steal a motor vehicle. He got house arrest for 11.5 months. About four months in, he freaked and cut his bracelet off with a hacksaw and went drinking. He turned himself in two days later when his wife wouldn’t let him in the house. (Millvale, PA)

A: There is too little information here to give a thoughtful answer. I don’t know his prior record, whether he was charged for escape for cutting off his collar, whether the trial judge for the auto case revoked his bond, etc. My thought is that the trial judge revoked his bond and is going to let him sit a while and see if he is charged with escape for absconding house arrest. Turning himself in never hurts. If my assumptions are correct, I do not think the trial judge will reward him by granting a motion for him to return to house arrest again or alternative housing for the holidays. It may be Christmas in jail for your brother. He should ask his lawyer.

Can Pennsylvania extradite for probation violation on running while in house arrest?

Q: I was on house arrest and cut my monitoring bracelet off and now I’m moving to a different state. (Pittsburgh, PA)

A: I hope it was worth it. You will be charged with Escape and a warrant will be issued once you fail to appear at your Preliminary Hearing in Pa. You may also have a probation warrant issued from PA. At some point in the future, if you should encounter law enforcement in the new state, even for something fluky, the PA warrant will show. You will be held for extradition in the local county jail until PA comes for you after being notified by the holding state. Whether PA will or not, is hard to say. However, sitting in the jail waiting to find out will not be a good experience.