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How much time for Intent to Possess of a Controlled Substance with a record?

Q: I was sitting in the car all night getting high and I woke up to the police knocking on the window. I opened the door and I had drugs laying on my shirt. (Union City, PA)

A: This is difficult to give a reasonably accurate answer without more information. Generally, the courts sentence according to the sentencing guidelines which are a complex matrix of numbers. The two key factors in the guidelines are the Offense Gravity Score (OGS) which is a number assigned to each offense based on how serious it is, and the Prior Records Score (PRS) which is a number based on the individual’s prior records score. The OGS for Possession of a Controlled Substance will be low as it is an ungraded misdemeanor, but the unknown factor here is the OGS. In larger counties like Allegheny and Philadelphia, possession of a controlled substance usually results in probation. However, in smaller counties, a jail sentence is possible, even for possession of marijuana. Ask your private or public lawyer, they will know.

Do I need a lawyer? Does he have a case?

Q: My husband and I have a 27 years old autistic son, I took care of him until he was 18 years old. He has been living with my husband since then. My husband wants to get divorce now and hired a lawyer to sue me for child support. My son receives SS and PPL. will I have to pay him? He makes more than 300,000 a year. I make $1,000 a month. (West View, PA)

A: Just because one parent earns much more than the other does not necessarily mean that the lower earning parent will not owe child support. The net incomes, in addition to other information (i.e. other support obligations, household income, unusual debts and expenses) are computed under the state child support guidelines. However, this is quite a disparity of income and should give your attorney much to work with to lower your support as much as possible.