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Mother in a nursing home. Can her guardian sell our house?

Q: I have lived with my mother my whole life. I have cared for my mother the last 15 plus years. My brother had power of attorney though and put her in a nursing home 20 months ago. She is getting low on funds and the guardian wants to sell her house. I am not on the deed, but left the house in her will. Can they sell her house if she needs Medicaid? Can they wait until she passes and then sell her house? I was told that she can still own a home and be on Medicaid and sell the house after her death to pay back Medicaid.

A: You may be OK, but I cannot answer this without much more information. It sounds like her liquid funds are depleted and now it is necessary to sell her home to spend down to qualify for Medicaid. Her guardian may in fact have a duty to do this. It would be good to know if she is considered able to return home. Another thing for you to consider is what was referred to as “undue hardship” under DPW (now DHS) rules. This applies if you have lived with your mother in the home as her caretaker for a two-year period prior to her hospitalization. If so, the home may be excluded as a Medicaid asset, at this time, and you could remain residing in the home.