How to address unexpected liens?

Q: I purchased a foreclosed house. Paid house value plus 42K in liens at the Allegheny county sheriff sale. The HOA had a lawyer send me a shocking letter telling me I owed them14K in liens! Why am I paying this? What is the law? Please explain it simplistically. (Pittsburgh, PA)

A: This is why people who are not experienced with foreclosure property hire an attorney before bidding on Sheriff sale real estate. You probably paid delinquent real estate taxes and liened municipal services but probably did not do a title search which would have showed other liens which could be from a variety of sources-civil judgment, back child support, unpaid taxes, municipal services, etc.. Hire an attorney now to verify the liens and if they are so verified, you will have to pay them. Hopefully, you will not now have a Sheriff’s sale house which cost you $56,000.00.