I am being charged with Simple Assault

Q: I was charged with simple assault misdemeanor 3 for someone trying to assault me at my home. I am a paralegal who worked for a attorney in my town until his passing. I have a question that will blow your mind. A man posted on face book pictures of my house, stating he was coming to my house to kick in my door and drag me outside and beat me. (Of course I have screen shots) Hours later this man came to my home. Upon opening the door I physically assaulted him with six full cans of pop wrapped in a pillow case, repeatedly. I did this immediately as he knocked aggressively and I opened the door. Now the police officer handling the case calls me today to give me a heads up that the D/A is charging me with M3 Simple assault. The man said I stabbed him. WRONG. I even let the police view my home that has small children inside at the time. How the hell is it possible I am charged with anything. YES I have a vast criminal record. YES I assaulted him on my porch. What is my next step? (Pittsburgh, PA)

A: Two people engaged in a fight can both be charged with Simple Assault by Mutual Combat which is an M3. You may even have a self defense argument. They key is not to talk to anyone, including the police, except an attorney. Save your screen shots and preserve all other evidence.