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Can we go to couple’s therapy while she has a PFA order?

Q: I am not living in the house with her and she has a PFA order on me. I am told she is willing to go to therapy with me. I am so pleased but want to be careful. (Pittsburgh, PA)

A:  Probably not. Have your attorney or an attorney review the order. It is doubtful that it has carved out an exception for couple’s therapy. If it is the standard PFA Order, no contact means no contact. If there is contact, in any form, it is the Allegheny County Iron Hilton for you. She would need to petition the court to either vacate or modify the PFA order if you want to go anywhere with her. You should probably consult with a lawyer.

What happens when a PFA victim contacts the guy?

Q: There was a PFA put on him while he was in jail, that he wasn’t a part of because it was an alleged domestic situation. She has been contacting him to see his child and asked him to be around. If she allows him over numerous of times, is she in violation? (West Mifflin, PA)

A:  No, he should avoid her like the proverbial plague. PFA law is a one-way street. The law is designed to protect the victim and no contact means no contact. There is no in between. He would be arrested if he visits her, an argument breaks out and she calls the police. Now, once he is arrested on the PFA violation, he can use her contacting him to establish that the PFA was void by her actions, at his trial. If he wants to be safe, get her attorney to file a motion to vacate the PFA.

If I am served with a PFA, am I protected against her?

Q: The initiator of the PFA has gone on a tangent contacting my friends spreading false rumors. Now yesterday, she went to my current girlfriend’s place of employment. This is continuous, how do I go about protecting myself from her abuse and harassment?

A:  If she filed first, you are prohibited from contacting her, in any way (directly, through others, texts, telepathically, etc.) You are not protected from her. You can try to file your own Petition, but it is likely the police or court will not take a cross PFA petition. If she just filed, make sure to get an attorney for your hearing. Until then, A) record as best you can, with photos, saving texts or emails and in a log book, all incidents of contact by her directly or indirectly, B) do not respond to her at all-either via email, text, telephone, through a common friend, C) Avoid her like the plague. Do not answer her calls, do not drive near her home, work, friend’s house, etc. Keep your blinds down, doors locked and change your routine habits. Instead of going to the gym or grocery store at the same time, go at different hours. Do not take the same method of transportation to work. If you drive, drive a different route each day, or take public transportation. Try never to be alone in public. Have your cell phone ready to record when you are out in public. If necessary, arm yourself. And, follow the advice of counsel.