What can I do about this parking citation?

Q: I received a Citation/Summons today left on my car windshield for an apparent parking violation while I was at work. In line #26 the “Statute” option is checked, and PAVC is written in the line. #29 “Fine” 50 written, line #32 “Costs” has 38.50 written, and Line #33 has 10.00 written. Line #34 “Total Due” has 98.50 written. The Defendant Name is not mine, nor is the Defendant Address. The Vehicle Registration Number in line #11, the make in line #14, and the color in line #16 indicate my car.┬áMy car was parked directly outside of my apartment, with two wheels on the line of ground between the sidewalk and the curb. The whole street parks in this same manner, as the street is not large enough to allow traffic otherwise. This is not an exaggeration, I have a picture showing every single vehicle in front of and behind mine parking in this manner. Even with cars parked this way, traffic is to slow when two vehicles approach each other because of how narrow the street is. It is a two-lane street with buses and large semi-trucks operating on it day and night. The car behind mine had two wheels parked in the middle of the sidewalk, farther on it than my car. I saw no citation on theirs.

A: Plead not guilty and take your photos to court and fight it. You can hire an attorney as well but the legal fees may not be justified economically given the penalty you will be subject to if you should lose.