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How can I stop my mother from taking out pay day loans?

Q: My mother lives on $1100 per month social security and has 5-6 loans ranging from $300 to $1000, some collateral and others payday. I paid off her loans two years ago and she has just redone the loans again. She had given me control of her checking account, but she opened a checking account and started taking out the loans again. (Neville Twp., PA)

A: As long as she is competent, she can do as she pleases. If she owns real estate or a motor vehicle, they can be subject to a lien or seizure if she is sued successfully and a judgment is obtained. If she owns no such property, and she takes a judgment, nothing can really happen to her except bad credit and phone harassment from creditors. Of course, you want to make sure she is not borrowing from thugs who may break her legs if she doesn’t ante up. If these loans are a result of some sort of mental infirmity or incompetence, and she becomes a danger to herself, you may want to speak with a lawyer about becoming her guardian.

In PA if you owe money on payday loans can they arrest you?

Q: I have defaulted on 2 pay day loans a couple years ago and tried to work out a payment plan. I have been getting harassing calls and threats that there is a warrant for my arrest. (Butler, PA)

A: Arrest warrants come from criminal court and bench warrants from family court. There are no arrest warrants issued for not paying a civil debt. Secondly, this pay day loan company most likely did not successfully sue you and obtain a judgment. Pay day loan outfits are generally scam artists. They are just trying to scare you into paying them by threatening arrest. Either pay them back, or change your phone number.