90 year old deeded me his two houses.

Q: I take care of a 90-year-old man. He gifted me his 2 houses. His children are suing me in probate to get the houses back. But now they filed a removal petition on me. My question is my name is on the deed can they have me kicked out of the property. (Versailles, PA)

A: Yes, it is possible that you can be removed from the home if a court order states to so. It is possible that the deed could be vacated or rescinded. You would be notified of the hearing and allowed to participate as a party. The children would have to prove in court that their father deeded this home to you when he was mentally incompetent or that you exercised some sort of extreme influence or coercion over him to get him to sign the deeds. You really should consult with an attorney to see if this is defensible. Criminal charges for elder abuse are a possibility. It may not be an easy case for them to prove in court.