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Do I love you gifts such as rings have to be returned upon break-up?

Q: I had 2 rings given to me as I love you gifts by my ex-boyfriend. It’s about $2500 is what the small claims court paper is saying they are worth. That is with insurance included and everything. I left his house and agreed to give them back once I got all my belongings from his home after we broke up. His son busted my TV and destroyed numerous of my items and he gave away some of my stuff to other people. Does he even stand a chance getting the rings back? Nothing was put in writing and we were never engaged. (Forest Hills, PA)

A: It has been a while since I had one of these cases but my recollection is that you do not have to return items that were purely gifts. However, if the gift was conditional, like, I give you this ring if you promise to marry me, it must be returned. The Heart Balm Act, which I believe was adopted by PA, addresses these issues.