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Can I be sued by the former cult I was a member of?

Q: I was a member of a cult for decades. They practice shunning and have split up many families over the years. I have created a website to warn potential visitors and current members about the church. I signed a NDA while I was there. I am wondering if that is enforceable, what the line is between stating facts, vs slander/libel and are there any limits on my speech. I am commenting on their 4 churches in PA, OH, and ME. (Cranberry Twp., PA)

A: The Non-Disclosure Agreement must be read. Truth is generally a defense to a libel or slander suit. However, if the NDA is restrictive enough, you could be liable for any sort of disclosure. Some of these cults have lots of money and pursue legal action against former members aggressively.

Can I sue a waitress for slander?

Q: Can I sue a company if their employee slandered me? A waitress told her boyfriend that I groped her while she was working. The police got involved and I was charged with harassment, but the charges were dropped because the surveillance video clearly showed I didn’t do it. Can I sue her and the company she works at for slander?

A: Anybody can sue anybody. The issues is whether or not you are capable of getting a judgment and collecting money for your efforts. An attorney does not want to be involved if there is no prospect of getting money. Unless of course, your motive to do this as a cause or to teach her a lesson. In that case, if the attorney feels that collecting from a waitress may not be a good prospect, you may have to pay the attorney an hourly fee and all costs. If she has property you can lien once a judgment is entered, it may be worth it. As far as suing the company she works for, I do not believe they are liable unless they were somehow involved in perpetuating the untruth. Unless this waitress is financially worth going after, you will have a difficult time generating the interest of lawyers in such as suit. Nonetheless, you may want speak with a personal injury attorney.