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Will I have to register when under Megans law as a juvenile offender?

Q: I’m about to move to Pennsylvania to go to college and I’m a sexual offender that was adjudicated and not convicted. I was 17 dating a 13 year old and the courts charged me with rape because of age difference. I went to juvenile prison for 9 months what I’m wondering is Megan’s law states juvenile offenders registering is unconstitutional and I contacted them and they said they almost positive I won’t have to register anymore. (Leesburg, VA)

A: On December 29, 2014, In re: J.B., No.87 MAP 2014, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court struck down SORNA’s Juvenile Offender registration requirements as unconstitutional. Juveniles are no longer required to register in Pennsylvania, except if they are classified by the Court as a Sexually Violent Delinquent Child. This decision also includes Juveniles who are to register in another jurisdiction or foreign country.