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Is Sheets responsible for anything?

Q: I bought a milkshake at Sheets convenience store for my son. I took it home and he started to drink it. He noticed small hard pieces of what he thought was ice. He showed me two pieces they are about as big a grain of sea salt. They are hard. He not sure if he digested any or not but he thinks so. So far there are no issues. I did go back to Sheets and report it to a manager. She grabbed the shake and ran in the back of store with it. She wanted my bag with the objects, but I said I wanted them in case he gets sick to show any doctors. She gave me a number to Sheets customer service. I called them and explained. They gave me claim. Is this situation grounds for anything? (West Mifflin, PA)

A:  Let us hope that he has no ill effects from the shake. Personal injury cases require injury. Plus, even if the objects in the shake are some sort of poison, or harmful, you lost the evidence by giving the shake to the manager. These people are trained to hide and/or destroy any food that is returned so there is no evidence against them. I know you thought you were trying to do the right thing and they caught you off guard. At least you kept the bag. Had you kept the shake you could have taken it to a lab for testing. I would monitor your son and if he has any unusual conditions, take him to a doctor. Hold on to your bag and anything else you have, like a receipt. Make the claim and keep notes on everything. You need to demand an explanation from Sheets and verify what these foreign materials are. I would not cease to persist until you get an answer. I would demand that the material be sent to an independent laboratory. If you do not get an explanation, hire an attorney and they will move quicker.