How do I sell my boyfriend’s car if he in jail?

Q: I need to transfer my boyfriend’s title to his car. I’m currently trying to sell his car, but he is going to be incarcerated for 8 months and I have potential buyer. How do I do the title change? (Baldwin Borough, PA)

A: You will likely need to take the title to the jail for him to sign and you may need to take a notary with you. You may also be able to have a Limited Power of Attorney drafted for him to sign which authorizes you to sign a title for him.

What happens with his car, if he dies?

Q: What happens to a child’s car if the child dies (it was paid for) and the only name on the title is the child’s? In case something happened to him, what would happen to his car ?

A: If there is a loan on the car, the bank can repossess the car, reclaim it actually. They would sell it and if any money was due your son they would issue a check to either his estate or his next of kin. My experience is that you can probably talk them into issuing a check to the next of kin if you sign some releases. If he owned the car, and therefore there was no lien on it, you can probably get AAA to transfer the title to his next of kin. It will be easier if he has a will which states who inherits from him. That way, you can take a copy of his death certificate and will to AAA and they will be more likely to transfer title. If you think he will die soon, you should hire an attorney to draft a will for him. Good luck!