What if probate can’t find heirs to accept timeshare?

Q: If probate names beneficiary after beneficiary to accept a timeshare and each and one disclaims the timeshare, how deeply into the decedent’s, “family tree” will the probate continue to search for some remote relative? (White Oak, PA)

A: The Executor or Administrator has the duty to use due diligence in finding heirs. This will involve paying for a genealogical search. If no heirs are found or heirs are found, and the remaining heirs disclaim. The attorney will have to close the estate. the timeshare will lapse and eventually escheat to the PA Department of Revenue Unclaimed Property Division. Should an heir later come forward, they can apply for the unclaimed property by filing out a form and producing required paperwork.

Can I get jail?

Q: Can I get jail for taking a customer’s wallet from his shopping cart? (Pittsburgh, PA)

A: If you turned it in to lost and found or the manager within a reasonable amount of time, most likely not. If you retained control over this wallet, you may be charged with theft. If you have no criminal record, you may be able to get and ARD resolution of your case, or perhaps another diversion. Unless you have a lengthy criminal record, jail is not likely.