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Can executor disconnect power without notice?

Q: I was living with my mother-in-law when she passed. Her “best friend” who is the executor in the will, has turned off the power without notice and closed her bank accounts. She has not informed any of the creditors of her passing or close friends. The house that she resided in for 32 years has a reverse mortgage. However, I still reside there with her seven cats who I love dearly. I pay the water, sewer, garbage and gas bills. The gas bill was three months behind when she passed and am currently trying to bring current. Please advise thank you for your time, any information is very much appreciated. (Squirrel Hill, PA)

A: If this “best friend” has not been appointed Executor by the court, she has no authority to act on your mother-in-law’s behalf. Merely being named Executor in the will does not give her such authority. She needs to be appointed by the court. I would call the utility companies and inform them what happened, and that no executor has been appointed and you are living in this house. If you get nowhere, call the PA Public Utilities Commission. It regulates utility companies. They may have a remedy and complaint filing procedure.