What can I do to have my daughter as durable power of attorney?

Q: I don’t know what I need to do with lacking only about 10 payments to paying home off. When I got sick about 7 years ago my daughter took care of me. Now she gave her job up about 2 to 3 years ago when I needed her all the time. A friend said maybe a trust? I just am not sure what or if anything I can do I have my state retirement, survivor’s benefits and social security saved. (Ohio Twp., PA)

A: I am not getting everything needed to be known to answer this question so I urge you to consult with an estate or elder law attorney who can get all the facts. Of course, you can have an attorney draft a POA which authorizes your daughter to act on your behalf. If you may need Medicaid funding in the future you may be able to shelter some of your assets and take advantage or caretaker contracts and a hardship exclusion to save the home.

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