What could my mother’s conviction look like for a felony 3 charge?

Q: She has been taking therapy classes and had an arrangement with the person she took money from prior to the cops getting involved. I’m worried because the amount was estimated $300,000 over the 7 years they could track.

A: You need to get her a lawyer to determine A) if she has a defense to all or some of the allegations (i.e., statute of limitations) and if not B) how to keep her out of jail. My thought is that it would be a felony 2 or 1 given that amount of money. As to her sentence if she has no defense and pleads guilty, it depends on many factors-hire prior record score, the position of the victim, the DA, the judge’s temperament, any mental health issues and any potential of restitution. In addition, if the victim was elderly, there are enhanced penalties in the sentencing guidelines. If there was any sort of embezzlement from a charity organization or an elderly or disabled person, the chances of jail are always greater.

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