What do I do after the 2-year statute of limitations has expired?

A: You are behind the 8 ball as they say. The statute of limitations for negligence is two years. You may be able to sue on a breach of contract basis, either the landlord or door manufacturer. However, depending on the date of your injury in November, you may be too late and should get an attorney yesterday.

Q: In November of 2014, my landlord had his handyman install a new glass shower in the bathroom. Approximately a week later. I was getting ready for work. When I went into the shower and attempted to close the door, the door fell inward and shattered. I sustained deep cuts in legs and especially knees. I had to go to emergency room. I got multiple stitches. I have copy of medical report as well as color photos of injuries. Within the last year, I am experiencing extreme pain and stiffness in knees. I believe that landlord has current notices from magistrate for other violations. Unsure if I have any legal options. (Pittsburgh, PA)

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