What happens if you used your automobile as collateral and it was totaled?

Q: I took out a loan with One Main Financial with my automobile as collateral. They take the payment out of my account once a month. All payments have been on time. I was driving my vehicle and the axle broke. I had to have it towed. The shop says it’s totaled whole bottom rusted out. My Insurance Company said they can’t do anything because I was not in an accident. I called One Main. They are asking if my husband can co-sign. I said no way. What can One Main do to me? They are getting their payments every month on time. (Pittsburgh, PA)

A: Take your loan agreement to a lawyer for review. Until you do, neither you nor your husband should sign anything. Do not make any statements to them. The loan agreement will state what rights One Main may have. I would imagine you are obligated to pay the money regardless of the car as collateral. If they are getting paid, and your insurance company will not pay out any proceeds for them to go after, I don’t know what recourse they have.

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