What if I get slapped with a PFA because ex lies?

Q: She contacted my father stating I’m calling and texting her, threatening her and stalking her. None of this is true. I am working a full-time job have a girlfriend. This is being thrown on me and I’m innocent. I believe she is either upset or a close friend is doing this. What can I do to protect myself? (Munhall, PA)

A: Avoid her like the plague. Do not have contact with her in any form, not even telepathically. Save all communications from her-texts, calls, emails, Instagram’s, postings, snap-chats, etc., and lay low. Try not to go anywhere alone. Change up your routine-eat at different restaurants, drive another route to work. If anything happens, call an attorney. That is all you can do. Batten down the hatch and hope the nor’easter blows over.

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