Who is responsible for forced medical expenses?

Q: I was forced by police an ambulance ride $1200.00. I was forced by doctor’s medical treatment $42,000.00. I was then released from police custody at the hospital. All the while saying I didn’t need any of this. I asked repeatedly if I was under arrest they said yes then released me from custody at the emergency room. Do I need to pay this?

A: Many more facts would be needed to give you an opinion. All the reports would need to be reviewed. Were there any witnesses? Police, emergency medical personnel, etc., have a duty to treat persons that they reasonably believe need medical treatment and that they are immune from civil suit in doing so. As you can understand, the rationale behind this is the fear of not treating someone who may die for lack of prompt treatment. However, this is not to say you do not have a civil defense and a recommend that you speak with a civil lawyer versed in medical consent law.

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