Wife had son pose for nude photos

Q: My ex wife had my son pose for nude pictures. I new nothing about it until I was cleaning her things out and found them. He was 3. She wrote on the backs of the pictures saying she had him pose for them and dated and signed them.

A: The issue is whether they were done for sexual gratification, for example if they were posted on some child porn site or distributed. Nude photos of one’s own toddler may not rise to criminal charges. Before you launch accusations I would investigate further and try to ascertain what her purpose was. ┬áIf you want, talk to your local police or county District Attorney. They probably have a child sex crimes unit, or at least one person who handles child cases. They can give you an opinion as to whether or not this appears to be child sexual exploitation. Before you talk to the police or DA, I would suggest you talk this over with a female friend, perhaps on that has children, just for another take.

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