Will I go to jail? I am a minor and an honors student.

Q: I’m on probation for selling drugs turned from felony to misdemeanor. I’m 17 years old and recently am going to court for DUI. I got pulled over and admitted I had been drinking. I know I will need a lawyer. What will most likely happen in court since I also violated my probation. Also, I don’t think I’ll be able to get a lawyer because of my family income.

A: Being arrested while on probation, will be considered a probation violation, if you are adjudicated delinquent of the new offense. This means the probation judge can hold a probation violation and sentence you on the probation violation. You need to stop doing whatever it is that you are doing, and, try to get a lawyer. Apply to the Public Defender. If you qualify, you will be assigned a lawyer. A good lawyer can look at the case to see if you have a defense, and if not, mitigate your damages. You will also receive a lengthy driver’s license suspension for DUI while being a minor. The biggest challenge will be to prevent you from getting a criminal record. The juvenile court system is designed to rehabilitate youth and not to punish-at least it is thought to be. My thought is that either of your judges will be inclined to order more intense drug and alcohol counseling through your probation. You may want to be proactive and get yourself a Drug and Alcohol evaluation and follow any treatment recommended before the final court date on your case.

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