Will I go to jail? Is there a statute of limitations?

Q: I was called today in reference to a woman claiming that when we had sex, it was not consensual. This accusation happened three years ago. A detective called me and asked me to come in and answer some questions. This accusation has completely blindsided me and I’m wondering what is going to happen next. (Pittsburgh, PA)

A: More information is required to determine if a PA Statue of Limitations subsection applies as there are numerous factors needed to be known, like the specific charge and whether the victim is a minor. However, the statute of limitations for sex crimes has been greatly expanded over the past few years-as much as 50 years with some sex crimes. Non-consensual sex is Rape. You really need to find a lawyer asap and not speak to the police or anyone about this including friends and acquaintances. Gather your evidence from this event as best as you can. This could be a serious situation.

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