Will Public Drunkenness charge adversely affect my ARD program?

Q: I was charged for a DUI in February of 2016, I completed all the necessary steps for the Chester County ARD program and I am off probation. This past weekend I received a public drunkenness citation in Dauphin County, will this citation affect my previously completed ARD program? Additionally, will deciding to go to trial make the charge any worse than it already is?

A: f you were off probation and your case was closed, this new non-traffic summary offense will not constitute a violation of ARD probation and result in a revocation. If you were off probation, but for some reason your case is not closed, you may have a problem. Electing to plead not-guilty and defend yourself on any criminal charge is your right, and should not make the punishment worse. However, if you have no defense and are offered a withdrawal of the charge if you complete a program or community service, take the deal. District Justices, as most judges, do not like people who waste the court’s time with trials when they are obviously guilty. If you do this, yes, some judges may max you out on the fine.

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