Would my brother or me be liable for my Aunt’s well-being?

Q: I am looking to move in with my brother and my Aunt. My brother and my aunt live in my grandfather’s old house. My father and my aunt purchased it from the estate, and each owns half of the house. My Aunt does not take care of herself or the house. She will let trash accumulate. She has problems walking and refuses to see a doctor. Anytime we try to intervene or get her to change she said we are intruding on her personal rights and if she wants to live like a slob she has the right to. If she were to require serious medical attention through the emergency room or if she were to pass away, I am concerned my brother, or I could be held legally responsible for her? We are in our 30s. She is in her mid-60s. (Elizabeth, PA)

A: You have no duty to care for her if you are not living with her. However, if you move in to her home, you become a household member and could be liable for neglect or abuse if you do not seek help for her if she needs of medical treatment or is injured.

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