Yesterday I agreed to a court- appointed guardian over my mother

Q: My appointed attorney made it sound like I was agreeing to have someone help me care for my mom, and I had told her from the beginning I did not want the state to appoint a guardian. I had no idea till it was too late. I would have never given my mother’s power of attorney away. How do I appeal this?

A: I would need more information to answer this. If you just “agreed” to it, and you haven’t gone to court and obtained a guardianship order, you should be able to tell your attorney you have changed your mind. If your attorney filed a petition, a hearing was held, and a judge issued an order which appoints a guardian over your mother, and you participated in this proceeding and now, you want to rescind the order, that is an entirely more complicated matter. You will probably need a legal opinion from another attorney on how to challenge the order. Don’t wait, tell the attorney now of your intentions.

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