12 Felony charges, what will happen?

Q: My sister has been charged with 12 felony theft charges, totaling under $4000. She has no prior record, had a job and is involved in the community. Is she eligible for an ARD? (Pittsburgh, PA)

A: Acceptance in to the ARD program is discretionary with the County DA. With no prior record, she has a chance. The only things which may prevent her would be the amount of money $4000 and if the victim was elderly, mentally infirm or if your sister was in a fiduciary position to the victim. Also, the victim must consent to your sister receiving ARD. If it is just based on the money, I have had clients owe more and receive ARD. However, the restitution must be paid during the ARD probation or the ARD offer is rescinded. Tell her to start saving.

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