5 DUI’s in 10. Can I get a license?

Q: I had 5 DUI’s over a period of 10years and served my time. I have been clean for over 4 years. Can I get my licenses back early? I need to get a job. (Braddock, PA)

A: The criminal court sentence has nothing to do with driver licensing. Just because your jail sentence and probation are over, does not mean you are not under a license’s suspension with PennDOT. No one can answer this without knowing when this 10-year period occurred (was it from 1985 to 1995 or more recent?) and without looking at your driver’s record from PennDOT. With habitual offender’s suspensions on top of each one or one-and a half-year suspension, your license could conceivably be gone for 15 years. I would order my driver’s record from PennDOT and call the PennDOT driver’s services and see if you can sort this out. If you do not get anywhere, I would consult with an attorney. Also, be aware that your license suspension does not commence with PennDOT until you forfeit your license to them.

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