Can a detective call your phone and come to your house under false pretense?

Q: Me and a co-worker (who threatened me with bodily harm) got into an argument. Then she said I did something to her car and stated there was a video. But the video doesn’t have my face on it and it wasn’t me. It happened a month ago and now a detective has called and just left a message that he wanted to talk to me. He never said come down and talk face-to-face but he wanted to talk to me over the phone. There is no warrant for my arrest. What should I do? (Pittsburgh, PA)

Q: Do not speak to this person. You have a 5th Amendment right to remain silent. Whoever this person is, a police officer, a private detective or whatever, he or she is likely not acting in your best interest. Your statements may be used against you. The best advice for you is to get an attorney with whom you can share all the facts in confidentiality, and then decide the best way for you to proceed, which may be remaining silent or speaking with this “detective” in the presence of your counsel.

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