Can a warrant be issued for my arrest if I no-show for Civil Court?

Q: I rented a skid loader and took it back and company. They said that I messed up the tires and ignition, but the skid loader started and went off the lowboy when they started it. When I took it off the little-boy the tires were still brand new. I’m being charged for it and they’re charging me a whole month’s rental. (White Oak, PA)

A: Not if it is a civil case. An arrest warrant can only be issued for non-appearance at a criminal case. There are exceptions to this such as if you were under subpoena and failed to appear and the judge issued a bench warrant. Also, under certain Family Court rules, you can be jailed when found in contempt. You need to defend this. If you missed the court date, make sure you contact an attorney and file an appeal in thirty-days.

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