Can I be sued for Filial responsibility if my mother in law lives in PA and I live in FLA?

Q: My mother in law lives in PA. She is controlling, verbally abusive and poorly manages money. My fiancé wants nothing to do with her. Could my mother in law sue us for Filial responsibility? Nothing has happened yet, and she is not in nursing care. (Clearwater, FLA)

A: It is not your mother in law who would have a claim against you. Filial law was designed as a cause of action for a medical service provider against certain family members for unpaid service provided to an indigent person. If this were to happen in your scenario, it would likely be a suit brought by a nursing home, rehab or hospital if your mother’s care needs were not covered by insurance or her social security income or whatever other income or assets she has. If this potentially would happen, the fact that you are a resident of FLA would make a lawsuit more challenging for a PA based medical service provider.

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