Can I create a living trust or will with my mother’s POA?

Q: My wife and I have been resident caregivers for the last six years of my aging Mother of 90 years of age. She assigned me as her Durable POA approximately seven years back. She is now mentally incapable of making decisions and is approaching hospice care. I would like to designate who and where her final assets (Home and less than $150T cash) would go upon her death. There are siblings involved. She has stated to us in the past how she wanted her remaining assets to be divided. Is her POA within my scope of authority? (Mt. Lebanon, PA)

A: I suggest a consultation with a lawyer. Generally, a Power of Attorney does not allow an Agent to create a trust or a will for the Principal. However, if the Power of Attorney you reference contains the appropriate powers, you may be able to set up trust or similar accounts which will achieve the result you are looking for. I would take the POA to an estate and trust lawyer for review.

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