Can I get a copy of my mom’s will?

Q: I Don’t know if I am in mom’s will. My sister had her deemed incompetent and put her in an assisted living. We had agreed that to prevent this I would quit my job to care for her. She is the executor and has power of attorney. She made me leave after I moved in. I now have no job, no money, no car. I had lived there 6 months prior to this. I would like a copy of the will. Is this possible? (Oakmont, PA)

A: As far as obtaining a copy of the will, first, ask your sister. Look in the house. Ask your mother. If you get nowhere, see if you can find the attorney who drafted the will. He may have the original, a signed copy, or even a blank copy. As far as whether your sister is serving your mother’s best interests as her Agent on the Power of Attorney, or whether you would best be suited as her guardian, this can only be determined by knowing more of the facts. I suggest you consult with an attorney.

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