Can I hire a lawyer to get my License unsuspended?

Q: I have term driver’s licenses suspension lasting till 2022 for failure to respond to traffic citations and driving with a suspended license in the state of PA (which I’ve just about paid off). I’m eligible for a bread and butter license based off the information that was sent to me from the DMV. Can I hire a lawyer to get my license unsuspended or at least assure getting a bread and butter license? (Pittsburgh, PA)

A: I don’t think you can get an order of court to “unsuspend” a driver’s license suspension, unless you file a timely appeal of the underlying offense or appeal the PennDOT suspension, and win. I think your remedy is the OLL (Occupational Limited License) or as you call, bread and butter licenses, process. You can go to PennDOT’s website, download the form and try it on your own. You can always hire an attorney to help you out, if needed. You should also consider getting your driver’s history and determining to whom you owe fines and/ or restitution and pay off what you can. After you pay a fine or restitution amount in full, you can send the payment receipt (usually from the District Justice or Clerk of Courts) to PennDot and they will remove it from your record.

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