Can I use this to win the trial?

Q: First-off the cop that was accusing me charged me with a wrong case number and was corrected by the judge. He then tried to say my registration and tags were from different vehicles and on his report literally everything he put down about my car info was wrong. I quickly proved he was wrong and on top of that he never asked me to take a test when he pulled me over but I’m charged with 1547b1. It makes no sense then he told the judge he pulled me over because I had illegal tent but my car has no tent at all he told me my plate was cruked but said some different in court in he never mentioned how he damaged my car trying to find drugs when I only had 2 packs of cigarettes in the car. I know that’s not how probable cause works it’s this because of my race. I feel like I was pressured to plead guilty in fully and did not understand what I was charged with. I did some research and it seems like I was falsely charged. (Pittsburgh, PA)

A: You can use it. However, if you present this argument in court the way you present it here, you will likely not win at trial. I think you need a lawyer to help fashion your story into a more understandable and cogent defense. When you say you were pressured to plead guilty, then you need to be aware that there will be no trial to present this defense unless you appeal within thirty days of your conviction or plea. I think you could greatly benefit from having a private lawyer or public defender review this situation.

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