Can we marry if he is on federal parole and I am on state probation?

Q: Can I being on Probation and house arrest marry my fiancé who is on federal parole? I am on house arrest for my 3rd DUI. He came home 6 months ago from the Federal prison. Are we still able to get married and if so how do we go about it the correct way without getting into extra trouble. (Coraopolis, PA)

A: Sounds like you have some common bonds. I can’t think of anything that would legally prevent your marriage unless it violates the terms of either of your probation about not associating with each other. If it is not specified in the written sentencing order or probation condition documents, the probation officer can still object to you cohabiting due to a history of drugs, domestic violence or other criminal behavior. In that case, you can might be able to put a motion in front of the judge asking that such condition be lifted.

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