Criminal investigation?

Q: Two co-workers and myself are under criminal investigation. We work at the local county jail and are accused of purposely causing a laceration to an inmate’s head. We are unsure when the inmate cut his head during the escort. Nor was it on purpose. We are unsure if the inmate struggled with us during the escort or was tripping on his own feet. We went through seven doorways which are the width of a normal house door and with a bent over inmate and 3 CO’s trying to not let him fall and keep control. Local state police detective keeps calling to try and get the other two officers to turn on me but they tell them the same thing that it was an escort that turned bad because of the inmate. It’s all on camera and multiple people saw it and said they’re unsure of what we’re being accused of. The detective even tried making a deal with me saying take a summary harassment AG’s will take it and charge all of us. It’s been 4 months and just recently the police detective called again and told my coworker to turn on us or all three of us are going to get charges. Our union attorney said there’s nothing but we’re tired of the suspension and scare tactics and it’s harassing.

A: This could be a very serious situation, so you should cease discussing it on the internet. The answer from any criminal defense attorney would be standard at this point. Do not make any statements to anyone, police or civilian, and find yourself a criminal defense attorney. Share all the facts with your attorney and only speak with police or enter a deal under advice of counsel.

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