My eighth suspended license offense

Q: I was caught driving on a suspended license for the 8th time. This time in Dauphin County. I live in Westmoreland. Can I appeal the sentencing? I missed my court date with the district justice office and got 6 months county prison time. I have appealed it, but was wondering what my chances are of getting the sentence changed to something other than prison time. I know of people who have been caught 15 times or more and did no jail time. (Murrysville, PA)

A:  I cannot tell if this a Motor Vehicle Code 1543 (a) or (b) suspension. 1543 (b)’s are DUI related and carry additional penalties under the habitual offender statute. If you have appealed in a timely fashion, you may be able to receive a sentence of house arrest or electronic home monitoring. However, I am unfamiliar with the practices of the DA and courts In Dauphin County, so you will have to confirm this with a Dauphin County attorney. You may want to hire the attorney who  has kept your friend with 15 license suspension convictions out of jail. Be aware though, you may face problems in having Dauphin County transfer an electronic monitoring house arrest sentence to Westmoreland County for supervision.

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