They used my address on their Yellow Page listing

Q: A locksmith company has used my home address as their business address. I have a Notary business that I use my address for. I contacted them and they won’t respond. It is advertised in Yellow Pages and on line.

A: I would start with Yellow Pages. It will be hard to reach a decision maker at YP, but eventually you will. At least they can correct the on line listing immediately. The printed books cannot be changed until next year’s books are printed. Check and see if this locksmith uses your address in other business directories. If he or she does, then you know he or she is the problem and not YP. There are services such as Yext who will correct then sync all of your on line listings on dozens of various search engines for a fee. Send a certified letter to the locksmith. If that doesn’t work, hire a lawyer to obtain a cease and desist order from a court. You can also have a google savvy person or IT person look at all of your on line listings to see if it is only YP or all of your on line listings which are in error. That would be a good starting point

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